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PACK 545

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Cub Scouting is a year-round program uniquely designed to meet the needs of young boys and girls (first through fifth grade) and their families.

The program offers fun and challenging activities that promote character development and physical fitness.

Family involvement is an essential part of the program, and parents are encouraged to play an active role. Cub Scouting helps parents make the most of the short time they have to impact the lives of their children.

Upcoming Events

February Campout

Location: Newman’s Castle in Bellville, Texas

Date: Saturday, February 3rd

Cost: $50/person

Important Details:

  • This is an indoor campout that is taking place on Saturday night only.
  • Dinner will be provided on Saturday night.
  • Breakfast will be provided on Sunday morning.

Blue & Gold Ceremony

Date: February 23, 2024

Time: 7:00 PM

Location: Beck Junior High Cafe


Date: March 22, 2024

Time: 7:00 PM

Location: JWE Cafe


*These steps are only for those students brand new to scouting.


Join the National Boy Scouts of America

  • Scroll down to "Pack 0545 Redeemer Community Church"
  • Click "Apply Now: and follow the prompts to register your child.
  • After you do this, all your information will automatically be sent to us for registration.
  • Pay your National dues.

Step 2:

Pay Pack Dues

  • All new scouts will pay reduced pack dues ($50 per scout).
  • NEW scouts will each receive a free pack shirt.

Step 3:

Complete Health Forms

  • Health forms Parts A and B are required for each scout, parent, and sibling attending scouting activities.
  • The forms and a copy of your health insurance card (front and back) must be turned in to us.


Purchase Your Scout's Uniform

  • Uniforms are required for all scouts (beginning in October).
  • Our pack does not require uniform pants.
  • Our pack does require uniform tops, belts, neckerchiefs, and hats.
  • You can buy a uniform online or visit the Houston Scout Shop.

Quick Note on Dues 🌟

Scouting comes with two types of dues: national and pack.

New scouts, you'll cover your national dues now, and pay reduced pack dues of $50 per scout in September.

Have questions about dues? Email or


Have Questions?

Feel free to contact the following people if you have questions about joining Pack 545 in Katy, TX.

Matt Baggerly, Cubmaster

Scott Creek, Committee Chair

Allison Baggerly, Membership Coordinator